Guests Info

Guests will be signing and sketching all weekend.

Sketch prices vary, please check with individual guests for pricing. All autographs are FREE of charge.

Adi Granov AlessandroVitti Alison Sampson AndiEwington AndrewWildman AndyDiggle AnekeMurillenem BenOliver Carlos Ezquerra DaliborTalajik Dan Berry DaveKendall David Hine Duncan Fegredo DylanTeague EsadRibic Greg Staples GregTocchini GuillemMarch Jamie Delano John Wagner MattHollingsworth Mark Farmer MartinGriffiths Paco Diaz PasqualFerry PeteDoherty RafaSandoval RMGuera RobDavis Simon Spurrier SimonBisley Steve Dillon Tomeu Morey YacineElghorri